Pile Foundations

In Civil Engineering, Pile foundations are deep foundations used as type of foundation where the below soil is poor, i.e. either poor strength, no rock or proper bearing surface or when water is […]

Pile Foundations

What is Floor Area ratio

What is Floor area ratio (FAR) is the first question which comes to mind before developing any civil engineering construction project.This is what decides the cost of an apartment or flat or bungalow […]

what is floor area ratio (FAR)

How to Calculate the Tiles needed for a floor

Here below let us see how to calculate the tiles needed for a floor of any room and one very important thing to remember before going ahead with calculation of number of tiles […]

How to calculate tiles needed for a floor

Tips to stay safe when travelling by taxi

Tips to Stay Safe When travelling by Taxi

Here, Lets see some important and simple tips to help us stay safe when travelling by taxi or cab. Tips to stay safe when taking a Taxi Always take a cab or taxi […]

VYOMMITRA Indian Space Mission 2020

Vyommitra is the name of the next Indian space mission i.e Gaganyaan. The importance of this space mission is that it is manned by not human but a Robot. Vyommitra – Gaganyaan – […]


Role of Structural Engineer

The Main role of structural Engineer includes designing the structure which is safe, sound and a healthy design life. To begin with, Structural Engineer job involves the following and a pdf is attached […]

Abbreviations used in Civil Engineering drawings

Here is the list of abbreviations used in civil engineering drawings that are commonly used. These abbreviations are very useful and important because, in general practice, these are used in all civil engineering […]

Abbreviations used in civil engineering