cloud dining hyderabad


This cloud dining Hyderabad is a hanging restaurant,where the visitors can enjoy their favorite food hanging in the air at around 160 feet i.e around 49 m from the ground. The booking can be done here – BOOK NOW This hanging restaurant cloud dining is located opposite to Shilparamam on […]

How to get rid of depression

How to Get Rid of Depression

The Question How to Get Rid of Depression ? looks so simple to answer but the most difficult phase to go through. And, Anxiety is the first to come and later gets taken over by Depression. First thing is to actually know if we are really depressed or is it […]

Top 5 places to visit in hyderabad


Here are the Top 5 places to visit in Hyderabad and infact these top 10 must see places should not be missed out. These are the places Hyderabad is known for. List of Top 5 places to visit in Hyderabad Ramoji Film City Charminar Snow World Golkonda Fort Chilkur Balaji […]

Civil engineer duties and responsibilities

Civil Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Below are the duties and Responsibilities of civil engineer who take up their civil engineering career into the following fields. Check this link for all the civil engineering basics useful for below streams. GEO-TECHNICAL CIVIL ENGINEER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Civil Engineers who show interests in subjects like soil mechanics can […]

learnings from inernship


Learnings from internship lays a strong foundation for anyone’s career. Here, we shall try to understand how a new intern or rather for that matter a fresher who joins a company can be converted to become an asset to the organisation. Here am taking an example of  random Intern “Ram” […]

design of underground water tank

Design of Underground Water tank

The design of underground water tank is carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 and part 2 code. The design is by assuming no water table and uncracked design. Below here are the various Design constants and codal provision for the Structural design of tank as per IS 3370 […]

structural engineering basics


Why structural engineering basics are important ? A structural engineer should know all the basics and these learnings are the guidelines for structure stability, strength and safety point of view. Here are the List of all the basic codes of Structural Engineering Code of practice for Reinforced cement concrete – […]

Building Materials in construction


Building Materials in construction are important part of civil engineering. The Civil engineering career of site engineer completely revolves around these materials. He/she should be knowing thoroughly each and every aspect of these materials. The Various Building materials in construction are as below and we shall learn about them . […]

Civil Engineering Basics


Civil Engineering basics are the basic parameters related to different Structures. All learnings in basics of civil engineering which all the engineers should know are 25 Kn/ cum is unit weight of concrete 78.5 Kn/ cum is unit weight of steel 10 Kn/ cum unit weight of water 1 cement […]