Exponents and powers


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Exponents and powers are expressing numbers raised to a powers of particular number.

Here 2 is the exponent of number 5 which is raised to the power to 2.

  Note: – Exponent is assumed as 1 ,When no exponent is mentioned for a number.  i.e 1 is the power of any number when not mentioned.

Example 2:-  To express 100 in exponent form. Find the multiples of 100 starting with smallest number 2

 From the above we can express 100 in three different forms.  

Note :-we have expressed number 50  in the form of 2 X 25. But the same can be true using different numbers such as 5 X 10.

Example 3 :  Lets express some smallest 3 digit & 4 digit numbers in exponent form

From the above we arrived at some laws of exponents

Laws of Exponents & Powers                             

Remember the Following important points when calculating exponents and powers.

  1. Same law applies with negative integers.
  2. The denominator as zero is not defined.
  3. Any number to the power of zero (0) is equal to 1
  4. Number which has no power shown is assumed as 1 as power.
  5. For negative integers remember (minus X minus  = plus)  & (plus X minus = minus)

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