Abbreviations used in civil engineering

Abbreviations used in Civil Engineering drawings

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Here is the list of abbreviations used in civil engineering drawings that are commonly used. These abbreviations are very useful and important because, in general practice, these are used in all civil engineering related discussions. Here are the list of abbreviations used in civil engineering. Also, Mentioned below are general abbreviations used in civil engineering.

Civil Engineering Abbreviations used in drawings

Following are the list of abbreviations used in the drawing. We shall cover only the regularly used abbreviations in the drawings.

N – North

NTS – Not to scale

TOC – Top of concrete

TOP – Top of pedestal

TOS – Top of steel / Top of slab

FGL – Finished ground/grade level

FFL – Finished Floor level

NGL – Natural Ground level

Typ – Typical

BOS- Bottom of steel

C/L – Centre Line

C/S – Cross Section

CONC – Concrete

GA – General Arrangement

Rev- Revision

UNO – unless Noted otherwise

Dia – Diameter

C/C – Centre to Centre

L/S — Longitudinal section

FAB – Fabrication

ROW – Right of way

Max – Maximum

Min – Minimum

TWL – Total water level

MWL – Maximum water level

SWD – side water depth

IP – Insert Plate

EP – Embedded Plate

MKD – Marked

Num – Numeration

RC – Reinforced Concrete

Thk – Thickness

NO – Numbers

GI – Galvanised Iron

STPS – Stirrups

Dia – Diameter

M – Mix

RL – Reduced level

BS – back sight

FS – Fore sight

General Abbreviations used in Civil Engineering

After seeing the abbreviations used in drawings now lets see some used in general discussions

ACI – American Concrete institue

AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction

AASHO – American association of state highway and transportation officials

ASD – Allowable strength design

LRFD – Load and resistance factor design

ASTM – American Society of Testing Materials

QAP – Quality assurance plan

QAI – Quality assurance inspector

ASCE – American Society of Civil engineers

ASME – American society of Mechanical engineers

AWS – American Welding society

HSS – Hollow structural sections

W (beam) – Wide flange

RSJ – Rolled Steel joist

UB – universal beam

UC- Universal column

ISMB – Indian standard medium weight beams

ISWB – Indian standard wide flange beams

FR – Fully Restrained

PR- partially Restrained

QTY – Quantity

STD – Standard

T & B – Top and Bottom

TOG – Top of grating / Top of Grout

WP- Work point

HFL – High Flood level

BOBP – Bottom of base plate

ID- Internal/ Inside diameter

OD – Outer/ outside diameter

TOR – Top of Road

MC- Moment Connection

MISC – Miscellaneous

MR – Monorail

PS- Pipe support

HSFG – High strength friction grip bolts

IFC – Issued for construction

RFC – Released for construction

IFR – Issued for review

Many other abbreviations shall be added and updated. Also find here some other important abbreviations used in our day to day life.

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