Being a Good Manager Tips

Being a Good Manager Tips

Worth Sharing !

Lets discuss here some simple tips on being a good Manager at work and to lay a strong foundation for anyone’s career. Here, we shall try to understand how a junior or rather for that matter a fresher who joins a company can be converted to become an asset to the organisation.

Here is an example of  random Intern “Ram” who joins a  multinational civil engineering company. Lets see how we can groom him and to make him an asset to the Organisation.

A quote by a great person

“People Leave their bosses and not companies”


First Impression Being a Good Manager Tips

The very first meeting probably is at the interview. At that moment if Ram is made to feel comfortable then that lays a very good foundation for his bright future in the organisation and also a good team player.

Basic Tips for Being a Good Manager can be by the following

  1. Greet him with a smile and may be ask him for some water or coffee.
  2. Its Better to create a friendly environment, by first introducing yourself and then by asking first his past experience in college, his final year project work, achievements in college if any and extracurricular activities
  3. Also, know about his favorite subject in civil engineering and why he has so much interest in that particular subject.
  4. Acknowledge Ram for the project work in final year and know about the output of the project. Practical applications of the project work.
  5. Coming to technical aspects ,start asking about all the basic questions related to Codes, text book concepts, just to evaluate how strong he is with the basics. This helps to ascertain how much training is required and to which level can we assign the work.
  6. Ensure that the whole process is a two way communication.

Basic Induction Tips for Being a Good Manager

Any New person joining a company always comes with a positive attitude and dreams big. We shall ensure that fire in them is not lost in due course of time. To ensure that a proper induction program (not necessarily a huge gathering kind of thing), a small, one on one discussion is more than sufficient by any one of the team members.

First Things First – Basic Foundation to succeed at work

  1. History of the company and their stronghold in the market.
  2. Introduce to all the team members and explain how good that team is in which you are going to work. This creates a good positive impression on the team.
  3. The kind of projects the company executes and also any previous milestones achieved, any accolades and awards received by the company.
  4. The duties and responsibilities which he has to carry out from now on.
  5. Small brief about company ethical policies.
  6. Growth prospects.
  7. All the important people in the organisation whom he have to work with in all the various departments like, HR, Planning, Quality, Ethical, Projects related to both on site and off-site teams, contracts and tendering, including their own design department etc can vary depending on the hierarchy.
  8. Standard checklists for the designs, in house developed process or excels, if any as applicable
  9. Etiquette related to dress, canteen, meetings, usage of mobiles, security etc
  10. Explain the Importance of Team work and team building.
Learnings from internship
Learnings from internship

Tips for Learnings from Manager Perspective

Manager is the immediate and first reporting person of Ram in the team. He or she shall be approachable easily most of time. Boss also has to ensure that he/she is being professional with respect to behavior, adhering to company policies and safety standards.

A good Manager should

  1. Assign the work to employee as per his expertise and calibre. Once he gains experience the boss can increase the work load.
  2. Do not bombard right from day one with work load and expect 100 % output.
  3. Explain him the final output of the work, time it takes to complete considering his experience and all the necessary standards, codes and inhouse processes to be followed.
  4. Also has to ensure whether he is following all the codal guidelines, industry norms and company standards.
  5. Monitor him continuously (of course not nagging every now and then) during the working hours.
  6. Solve all the road blocks or doubts to help in timely completion of the work assigned.
Learnings from internship
Learnings from internship

Manager also Expects the Following from the employee

While working on a project, Ram should to do the following .

  1. Keep studying books to have good hold on subjects theoretically and practically.
  2. He should understand the deliverable timelines.
  3. Also, adhere to timelines and  make necessary submissions on time.
  4. Ensure no work is held up because of casual or carefree attitude.
  5. Do the research work in free time.
  6. Discuss with colleagues and peers for better understanding the scope of project, contractual obligations, previous experiences from similar projects. Existing designs or excels from previous projects shall be used for only reference.
  7. Do not blindly do copy paste jobs which effects the efficiency.
  8. For learning the new technologies, new employee shall attend workshops and seminars only after discussing with boss and ensure its not effecting project.
  9. Keep a note of all the important clauses of codes and standards used on a daily basis, new innovations, developed excel sheets.
Learnings from internship
Learnings from Internship
General Discussions with Manager

A regular discussion with boss enables Ram deliver in a much faster and efficient way. If Ram has any doubts, then he should not assume but ask other seniors or boss. One biggest learnings as part of internship is

” Never assume anything unless asked to do so”

Lookout for the areas of concern and solve them accordingly. Boss should tell ram key areas where a possibility of mistake can happen from previous project experiences. Initially and as and when possible, Ram shall be involved in meetings with clients along with other seniors.

This helps him understand how demanding the client is and what are clients exact requirements and what constraints and obligations they have related to design or site work progress, work schedules, speed of work, deliverable timelines etc,

Learnings from internship
Communication with boss
A Good Manager should discuss on following points to elevate him to higher positions
  1. Ask what he has learnt in this project. Better to ask him to give presentation about his learnings in this project and any new innovations carried out by him.
  2. How is the behaviour in group task ? Feedback from other seniors in the team.
  3. Ask him if he can take up more load, if yes load him with work progressively.
  4. Take a small technical interview to understand how well he understood the concepts.
  5. What is the way forward considering the ongoing projects.
  6. Adherence to the company policy and standards
  7. The pro activeness in taking up diversified work
  8. Also, how well he is able to handle pressure situations,
  9. All the innovative ideas he is coming up with while working.
  10. Is he following safety standards or not ?
  11. Take the feedback from him for any suggestions, if wants to acknowledge.
  12. Any other support required.
  13. Analyse, How good team player he is.
Learnings from internship
Learnings from internship
First Impression is Best Impression ?

It takes just a few weeks for new intern Ram to decide and come to a conclusion whether his boss or company is

  • good or bad
  • ethical or unethical or
  • approachable or not approachable
  • blame game or supportive & finally 
  • should he continue or leave?

Finally, A good Manager should help in the growth of organisation and also should become a role model of many junior employees.

Worth Sharing !