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Civil engineer duties and responsibilities

Civil Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Below are the duties and Responsibilities of civil engineer who take up their civil engineering career into the following fields. Check this link for all the civil engineering basics useful for below streams. GEO-TECHNICAL CIVIL ENGINEER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Civil Engineers who show interests in subjects like soil mechanics can […]

design of underground water tank

Design of Underground Water tank

The design of underground water tank is carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 and part 2 code. The design is by assuming no water table and uncracked design. Below here are the various Design constants and codal provision for the Structural design of tank as per IS 3370 […]

Structural Engineer vs Architect Basic difference

There is lot of difference between Structural engineer and Architect as both play integral part of civil engineering in respective areas . The planning is done by architect in continuous discussion with structural engineer. The final outcome is worth because of proper planning by Architect and safe design by structural […]

advantages of staad pro software

Advantages of STAAD PRO Software

STAAD PRO ADVANTAGES The many advantages of structural engineering design software staad pro is analyse,design structural members of building viz., Beams, Columns, Foundation and Walls. Staad pro is bentley systems product. Freshers with civil engineering degree who choose structural engineering career require staad. Staad pro is used very widely all […]

Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Top Civil Engineering interview questions and answers

Top Civil Engineering interview questions and answers which are generally asked in interviews for all freshers and practising engineers are mentioned here . Hope you find these useful.These are under various headings of general, Structural and Geo-technical . Top Interview Questions for Site Engineer Post Site Engineer is plays a […]