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structural engineer job description

Structural Engineer Job Description

Structural engineer job description includes designing the structure which is safe, sound and a healthy design life. Structural Engineer job description involves the following and a pdf is attached to download Design of […]

Abbreviations used in civil engineering

Civil Engineering Abbreviations

Here is the dictionary of civil engineering abbreviations commonly used or generally found in civil engineering drawings, books papers etc.These abbreviations are very useful and important because, in general practice, these are used […]

Civil engineer duties and responsibilities

Civil Engineering Job Outlook

Here are various civil engineer jobs and general outlook in 2019 are explained below. The major civil engineering careers that a civil engineering graduate takes up are as below and this explains what […]

design of underground water tank

Design of Underground Water tank

The design of underground water tank is carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 and part 2 code. The design is by assuming no water table and uncracked design. Below here are […]

structural engineering basics


Structural engineer basics are the most important aspects which are taught in civil engineering steam and also useful for all the students and working professionals who are planning to make a career in […]

Building Materials in construction


Building Materials in construction are important part of civil engineering. The Civil engineering career of site engineer completely revolves around these materials. He/she should be knowing thoroughly each and every aspect of these […]

Civil Engineering Basics


Civil Engineering basics are the basic parameters related to different Structures. All learnings in basics of civil engineering which all the engineers should know are 25 Kn/ cum is unit weight of concrete […]

civil engineering subjects


Civil engineering subjects are the ones that are taught in engineering college at graduation level and these vary from university to university. Here we list common civil engineering subjects to most of universities. […]

Structural Engineer vs Architect Basic difference

There is lot of difference between Structural engineer and Architect as both play integral part of civil engineering in respective areas . The planning is done by architect in continuous discussion with structural […]