Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Civil Engineering interview questions and answers for freshers

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Here are Top Civil Engineering interview questions and answers for freshers in 2019 and beyond, which are generally asked in campus interviews to all freshers and practicing engineers.

Civil Engineering Interview Questions for Site Engineer

Site Engineer is plays a very crucial role in civil engineering as site engineer is the one responsible for actual execution as per engineering drawings. A thorough understanding of drawings is very much necessary for becoming a successful Site engineer. Here lets us see a few interview Questions related to civil Site engineer.

  • What are Duties and Responsibilities of Site engineer
  • Various Tests to be performed on construction materials arrived at site sand, cement.
  • How to perform Cube test
  • Size of cube
  • What is Slump cone test.
  • How is cylinder strength checked.
  • Understanding of basic codes IS 456, ACI and AISC codes etc.
  • Height from which the concrete to be poured.
  • If a detail is missing or not clear in the drawing,how it is dealth with. Take a decision at site or ask the design office.
  • Understanding all the views and blow out details in the drawing.
  • Information found in Construction notes.
  • Key Plan and orientation of North direction.
  • Size of Vibrators used at site
  • Tool box talk
  • Safety measures taken at site related to workers and Equipment.
  • Concrete Pour card report

Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for freshers into civil and structural.

Here below are some interview Questions which are commonly asked in interviews for all fields of civil engineering

What is the IS code for Plain and Reinforced Concrete

IS :456

What are the standard american codes for steel and concrete


What is the code of practice for General Construction in steel

IS :800

What is the code of Practice for loads
IS : 875 part 1 – Dead Loads
IS :875 part 2 – Live Loads

IS :875 part 3 – Wind Loads
IS :875 part 4 – Snow Loads

What is the IS code for Earthquake /Seismic

IS :1893

What are different grades of concrete

various grades of concrete

What does M and 25 mean in M25 grade of concrete

M refers to the Mix and 25 is the characteristic compressive strength of 15 cm cube at 28 days in N/

Basic Design philosophy followed

Working Stress and Limit State method

What is the standard size of brick

19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

What is the purpose of providing frog on brick

It is form key for holding mortar and joint to another brick above

What are initial and Final setting times of cement

Initial setting is about 30 min and final setting time is about 10 hrs.

What are basic Admixtures used for concrete

Acclerators : – To shorten the setting time Eg – Calcium chloride
Retarder : – To delay the setting time Eg – Carbohydrate derivatives

Which type of cement is used is construction of massive Dam structures

Low heat cement

What are the equations of static equilibrium

Summation of all horizontal , vertical and Moments equals to 0 i.e sumof all FX , FY and FZ forces = 0 and Moments about any point equals to 0.

What is statically indeterminate strucutre

A structure in which number of unknown forces is greater than the equations of equilibrium cannot be determined by Equilibrium equations..

A point in space has how many degrees of freedom

6 degrees

For Steel structures what is permissible vertical deflection

Span / 325

What is the bending stress equation

M/I = fb/y =E/R where
M -Bending Moment
I – Moment of Inertia
fb – Bending Stress
y – Distance from Neutral axis to the load
E – Modulus of elasticity
R — Radius of gyration

What is effective length of compression member for condition effectively held in position at both ends and restrained against rotation at one end

0.8L where L is unsupported length

What is live load on sloping roof for slope greater then 10 deg

Live Load is taken as 750 N/sqm less 20 N/sqm for every degree increase in slope over 10 deg.

What is the flexure strength of concrete

0.7 X Sqrt(fck) – fck is characteristic strength of concrete

What is Modulus of elasticity of concrete

5000 X sqrt (fck)

What is effective cover

Distance from face of concrete to Centre of gravity of steel bars.

What is singly reinforced beam

If reinforcement is provided only on single face then it is singly reinforced beam.

What is balanced section

If stress in concrete and steel reach their maximum values simultaneously then its balanced section.

What is the minimum reinforcement in beams

Ast/b*d = 0.85/ fy

What is the maximum reinforcement in beams


What is the minimum reinforcement in slabs

0.12 % of gross area

What is the minimum reinforcement in columns

0. 8% of area

What is the maximum reinforcement in columns


What are various checks in footing design

Bending, shear,overturning and sliding

Where is critical section for one way shear in footing

At a distance “d” from face of column

Where is critical section for two way or punching shear

At a distance d/2 from face of column

Where is the section for bending considered

At the face of column

What is the maximum no of steps in a flight


What are various limit states of strength

Flexure, Compression, shear and torsion

What are various limits states of serviceability

Deflection, cracking and Vibration

What is the slenderness limit for column

Less than 12 , it is short column
More than 12 , it is Long column

What are the minimum no of bars to be provided in rectangular column


What are minimum no of bars to be provided in circular column


What are various losses in prestressing

a) Elastic deformation of concrete
b) Shrinkage of concrete
c)Creep of concrete
d) Relaxation of stress in steel

Vicats apparatus is used for

Consistency test

Le chatliers apparatus is used for

Soundness test

when is masonry wall is said to be short wall

If slenderness ratio is less than 8

What is elastic limit

If a body regains to original position after removal of load is elastic limit

The shear stress on principal planes is


Which is more elastic mild steel or Rubber

Mild steel

What is Rate of change of shear force


What is rate of change of bending Moment

Shear force

What are different methods of calculating deflection

a) Conjugate Beam method
b)Moment area method
c)Strain energy method
d)Double integration method

What is shear center in steel beam

It is point or axis through which load acts

What is Strut

Struct is a compression member

What is Modular ratio

It is the ratio of Modulus of elasticity of steel to Modulus of elasticity of concrete

What is the minimum diameter of bar used in column


What are bearing piles

Bearing piles transfer the loads to the hard strata

What are friction Piles

Friction piles transfer the loads by friction between surface of pile and soil.

Civil Structural engineering interview Questions for freshers

Here are the List of some more civil engineering interview Questions related to structural Engineering

What are commonly used method in the design of structures – Working stress and Limit state method

Draw Stress strain diagram for Steel and concrete

Stress Strain diagram
stress strain diagram
  • Shear force and bending moment diagrams for simply supported beams,fixed beams, simple frames and continuous beams.
  • How to apply wind Load on structures. Steps involved.
  • Procedure for Performing response spectrum analysis.
  • Design of pile foundations.
  • Calculate development length.
  • Wind load on pipe racks.
  • Understanding geo-technical report and considering Safe bearing capacity from the report.
  • Lap Length
  • Effective lengths of columns
Effective length of column
Effective Length of column

Hope you find these useful, shall keep on adding interview Questions and also find below few links for basics of civil and structural engineering

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Interview questions related to Geo technical engineering

Geotechnical is an important subject of civil engineering which deals with Soil Mechanics and Soil behaviour.

Here Let us see a few civil engineering interview questions related to Geo technical engineering

  1. What is Void Ratio
  2. Soil Classifications as per Sieve analysis
  3. What is RQD
  4. Understanding soil investigation report and considering suitable safe bearing capacity as recommended.
  5. Ground improvement techniques.
  6. Soldier Pile wall
  7. Slope stability analysis.
  8. Chemical Properties of soil.
  9. Calculations of Safe bearing capacity.
  10. How important is N value.
  11. What are active and passive Earth pressure.
  12. Soil Friction understanding.

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