cloud dining hyderabad


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This cloud dining Hyderabad is a hanging restaurant,where the visitors can enjoy their favorite food hanging in the air at around 160 feet i.e around 49 m from the ground. The booking can be done here – BOOK NOW

This hanging restaurant cloud dining is located opposite to Shilparamam on hitec city road in Hyderabad. It has a wonderful view of Hyderabad city

Cloud dining Hyderabad Restaurant Timings

The cloud dining hanging restaurant in the air is for max 26 persons operates between 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm everyday. Also, there is restaurant on ground of cloud dining which serves all the favorite dishes for full day.

Security Aspects

Seat Belts takes care of security of visitors. The seated people are tightly secured with seat belts all the time. To ensure safety of visitors, safety checks are performed regularly and also safety supervisor shall brief about all safety precautions to be taken by visitors.


his restaurant serves south Indian and North Indian dishes along with all international cuisine. Check here for COMPLETE MENU. The menu is curated by master chef winner. Please check the final rates at restaurant but it is approximately 500 /-

Additional information for Visitors
  1. Since the whole process takes approx 1 hr 15min, better to arrive a bit early to understand safety measures and know all precautions.
  2. Before the flight, Rest rooms should be used
  3. Visitors should secure themselves with seatbelts.
  4. Pregnant women and people with heart issues etc. are not allowed
  5. Its a No smoking and No alcohol arena.
  6. There are also certain weight restrictions.

Since,this is one of its kind in hyderabad, everyone should try this once to experience a different high.

Check here for complete details and information

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Worth Sharing !