How to calculate tiles needed for a floor

How to Calculate the Tiles needed for a floor

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Here below let us see how to calculate the tiles needed for a floor of any room and one very important thing to remember before going ahead with calculation of number of tiles is

” It is not always Length X Breadth which gives total floor area” and the tiles required are generally calculated in either sq.ft or sq.m and some unit conversions to know how to calculate the tiles needed for a floor

  • 3.28 ft = 1 meter
  • 10.75 Sq ft = 1 sq m
  • 12 inches = 1 ft
  • 30.48 cms = 1 ft

Check this for all other useful unit conversions

Lets Understand the tiles calculations with the following Floor Plan.

How to calculate the Tiles needed for a floor
Building Floor Plan

From the plan we can see that there are two areas for which we need to calculate the tiles required

  1. Hall Area
  2. Dining Area

As you can see we need to calculate the exact area i.e carpet area excluding the brick walls and part of columns coming inside at corners of walls.However, these can be avoided for a small area but if its for high rise building then there is a considerable change in the required area of tiles.

Procedure to calculate the Tiles required for a floor

  • Divide the area into squares and Rectangles
  • Calculate the area of Each Square and Each rectangle.
  • Add the areas of all the squares and Rectangles.

Formula for area of rectangle or square is Length X Breadth or Length X Width

In the above Plan the area is divided in 5 rectangles and numbered A1 to A5 and the total area shall be

Area 1 + Area 2 + Area 3 + Area 4 + Area 5 = 4.67 +50.025+14.5+71.2+8.67 = 149.065 Sq ft

1st area (A1) = 4.67 x 1 = 4.67 Sqft

2nd area(A2) = 7.5x 6.67 = 50.025 Sq ft

3rd area (A3) = 8.67 x1.67 = 14.5 sq ft

4th area (A4) = 10.67×6.67 =71.2 sq ft

5th area (A5) = 8.67×1 = 8.67 sq ft

Total No of Tiles required

The Tiles available in market are of various sizes and various Brands and Each Brand has different tile sizes

Some of the Various Tiles available in the market are

  1. Mosaic Tiles
  2. Vitrified Tiles
  3. Glazed Vitrified Tiles
  4. Ceramic tiles
  5. Marble Flooring

The following are the Brands of tiles available

Some of the size of tiles available in market of above variety of tiles area mentioned below

  1. 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm i.e approx 1 ft X 1 ft = 930 sq cm = 1 sq ft
  2. 30.48 cm X 60.96 cm i.e approx 1 ft x 2 ft = 1859 sq cm = 2 sq ft
  3. 60.96 cm X 60.96 cm i.e approx 2 ft x 2 ft = 3717 sq cm = 4 sq ft

For a total area of hall and dining in above plan we need (149.065 sqft ) / (1 ft x 1 ft) gives 150 no of tiles. Similarly, for

1 sq ft x 2 sq ft = ( 149.065) / (1×2) = 75 no of tiles

2 sq ft x 2 sq ft = (149.065) / (2×2) =38 no of tiles

Calculate the no of Boxes

In current market, one box of tiles may contain 5 tiles of 2 ft x 2 ft size

i.e 5 nos of 4 sq ft = 20 Sq ft per box

No of Boxes of 2 ft x 2 ft tiles required for area of 149.065 is 149.065/20 = 8 no of boxes


In addition to above we also need tiles for skirting which is nothing but a small rectangular piece of tiles that run along the length and width of the room which gives a good aesthetic appearance and also used to avoid seepage of water through the junction of floor and wall.

How to calculate the tiles needed for a floor

Skirting can be provided upto height of finger length/3 inches/6 inches as required. In our case total skirting length shall be perimeter of all areas excluding door. Perimeter is the total length along the periphery of wall.

Total perimeter is the total length of yellow shade in above plan which is total skirting length = 7.5+1+1+4.67+1+1+7.5+1.67+1+6.67+1+1+8.67+1+1+6.67+1+1.67+1 = 56.02 running meter

Height of skirting in our case is considered = 3 inches = 3 * 0.09 = 0.27 ft =7.6 cm

Area of tiles for this skirting requirement = 56.02 *0.27 ft = 15.12 sq ft

We need to actually cut the tiles of 3 inches and the length shall be decided by contractor and fixed at site.

Therefore the total no of tiles required for flooring and also skirting for Hall and Dining are 149.065 sq ft & 15.12 Sq ft respectively. The exact total area is 164.185 sq ft and no of boxes of 2 ft x 2 ft tiles are 164.185 / (2×2) = 41 boxes. Hence, you can order approx 42 boxes including wastage for the above plan area.

Note : – For Wastage, because of handling and while laying, 5-10 % of no of tiles can be kept additional.

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