How to get rid of depression

How to Get Rid of Depression

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The Question How to Get Rid of Depression ? looks so simple to answer but the most difficult phase to go through. And, Anxiety is the first to come and later gets taken over by Depression.

First thing is to actually know if we are really depressed or is it just that we are sad or angry or just anxious feelings which we think are depression.

Depression is a very low phase in our lives and many of us face it at least once in our lives in different intensities. In most of the cases depression happens because of any particular incident in our life, which our senses are unable to accept and also when we are in helpless situation. Some of the examples are

  1. Continuous humiliation by others
  2. Targeting a person at work, college, home etc., even after being good.
  3. Financial problems which ultimately becomes too much to handle
  4. When we get too much attached to any situation or person or thing for a long time and suddenly we realize its no more there
  5. When we are too much dependent on anything for many years and we know that from tomorrow its not available.
  6. Many other personal problems

When anyone is depressed their physical activity gets reduced, Mentally they are tired, they don’t show interest in social activity, they are scared of everything and they only continuously think of that situation which made them like that. The irony of Life is also like

Some Tips on How to get Rid of Depression and Remember

  1. This too shall pass
  2. There is light at the other end of tunnel
  3. Isolate our brain
  4. Always stay with family and friends.


Most important thing is to remember that this phase shall also pass. The more we think of it the more it hurts. Instead understand that this is just a passing tough phase in life and we are brave enough to overcome and move on with life. Life as everyone says is too small, so lets get all our energy from with in and think about the future and move on. Sadness, happiness nothing is permanent every phase has to pass.

“Self motivation is the best motivation “


There is Light at the other end of Tunnel

Now that we are in darkness doesn’t mean that we will just be in darkness for ever. When this phase comes its just too scary to handle as we cannot understand anything , we cannot concentrate on anything, we are more angry as we couldn’t do the way we need to and its not happening the way we want. But many aspects are not in our control, sometimes the dominating factor comes into picture and we are just helpless. Hence, we need to give the situation some time and wait for the light to come. For sure it will come but till then we have to be patient enough. we need to be clear on one thing that life is teaching us a lesson and we should learn from those lessons and not let that happen again.

Isolate our Brain

Isolating our brain is the most important thing to do as generally when we are in anxious or depressed state, we tend to think of that situation which has hurt us. Because of this we surrender our self to the situation completely. we may even curse our self for any decisions that we took . Instead, we should just try to forget that situation and for that matter not think of anything except the basic things like eat, sleep drink and spend time with family and nothing else.

We are much more anxious thinking of a situation, more than being present in actual situation itself, either physically or mentally.


Always stay with Family and Friends

Finally the best way on how to get rid of depression is to stay in a healthy company who can help us , when we are dull, low or anxious or depressed. The Best company is either family or friends who want to see us in good health. Talk only positive things and watch only positive things. Be in the company of friends who talk about everything under the sky.

Think of people who

  1. Are dependent on you

2. Look at you as their inspiration,

3. Think that you are a fighter

4. Who wants your company without expecting anything in return

5. Has supported you in your good and bad times.

6. You admire and

7. Look up to as their inspiration

We generally tend to cry for those who later distance themselves when we need them the most.

So How to get rid of Depression ?

Smile and Be positive

Worth Sharing !