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Mensuration means study of geometric shapes with respect to Length, width,height, area and volume.

Lets find out the area of the following shapes

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Circle

Square : Square has all equal sides

Square with side “A”
  • Side of square is denoted by “A” means Length = A and Width =A
  • Perimeter of square is the length of periphery . i.e A+A+A+A =4A
  • Area of square – Length X width = A x A

Rectangle – Rectangle has two opposite equal.

  • Length of Long side = A and Length of short side = B
  • Perimeter of rectangle – A + B + A+ B = 2A + 2B
  • Area of rectangle = Length X Width = A X B

Triangle – Triangle has three side and they may or may not be equal.

  • Width of triangle – B and height of triangle – H
  • Considering all sides are equal in this case as “B” – Perimeter of triangle shall be B + B + B = 3 B .
  • Area of triangle = 0.5 X B X H

Circle – Circle doesnt have any length and width as it is in circular shape and it has diameter or half the diameter as radius.

Circle of Diameter “D”
  • Diameter of circle = D and Radius of circle = D/2
  • Perimeter of circle = “Pi” X D ; Pi is a constant and its value is 3.1413
  • Area of circle = Pi/4 X D^2

Worth Sharing !