How to be a good boss at work

How to be a Good Boss at Work

Lets discuss here some simple tips on how to be a good boss at work and to lay a strong foundation for anyone’s career. Here, we shall try to understand how a junior […]

design of underground water tank

Design of Underground Water tank

The design of underground water tank is carried out as per IS 3370 part 1 and part 2 code. The design is by assuming no water table and uncracked design. Below here are […]

structural engineering basics


Structural engineer basics are the most important aspects which are taught in civil engineering steam and also useful for all the students and working professionals who are planning to make a career in […]

Building Materials in construction


Building Materials in construction are important part of civil engineering. The Civil engineering career of site engineer completely revolves around these materials. He/she should be knowing thoroughly each and every aspect of these […]

Civil Engineering Basics


Civil Engineering basics are the basic parameters related to different Structures. All learnings in basics of civil engineering which all the engineers should know are 25 Kn/ cum is unit weight of concrete […]



WHO IS HIMA DAS ? Hima Das an Indian runner sprinter won the latest 400 m race in 52.09 sec at Prague. This has won her Gold Medal. Hima Das is from State […]

civil engineering subjects

List of Civil Engineering Subjects

Here is the List Civil engineering subjects and topics are the ones that are taught in engineering college at graduation level and these vary from university to university. Here we list common civil […]

Funny Questions and answers

Sarcastic answers to Stupid questions

Here are list of some sarcastic answers to some obvious stupid questions. This is just for fun. Have a good laugh. 1. At the movies: When you meet acquaintances/friends…  Stupid Question:- Hey, what […]