staad pro training


Introduction to Staad Pro Here we shall see what is staad pro and why it is used so much all over the world and also discuss about the basic model creation and analysis […]

Understanding Quadrilaterals Class 8

Quadrilaterals Definition Quadrilateral is a geometric shape which has four sides and four vertices. Types of Quadrilaterals Trapezium Rhombus Parallelogram Square Rectangle TRAPEZIUM A Trapezium is a quadrilateral which has two parallel sides […]

Structural Engineer vs Architect Basic difference

There is lot of difference between Structural engineer and Architect as both play integral part of civil engineering in respective areas . The planning is done by architect in continuous discussion with structural […]

8th grade math square and square roots


What are Square and Square Roots ? How to identify if number is perfect square From the above chart we see all perfect square numbers units place is 0,1,4,5,6,9 and so we can […]

advantages of staad pro software

Advantages of STAAD PRO Software

STAAD PRO ADVANTAGES The many advantages of structural engineering design software staad pro is analyse,design structural members of building viz., Beams, Columns, Foundation and Walls. Staad pro is bentley systems product. Freshers with […]

scope of civil engineering in india


Scope of Civil engineering in India are in the below mentioned areas in the year 2019 and in next 4 years.We need to understand that civil engineering is an evergreen field and is […]

Linear equations in one variable

Linear Equations in one variable class 8

What are Linear Equations in one variable ?? Simple Equations in one variable is a condition wherein , algebraic expressions are expressed with an equal sign with only one variable (x or y […]

Unit Conversions

List of Unit conversions for civil engineers

Here is the List of unit conversions for civil engineers related to Length, Weight, Time, Area, Volume and Pressure. These are very much useful for quick calculations in competitive exams. This list of […]