Role of Structural Engineer

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The Main role of structural Engineer includes designing the structure which is safe, sound and a healthy design life. To begin with, Structural Engineer job involves the following and a pdf is attached to download

  1. Design of structure as per the Building and standard codes and specification of project.
  2. In FEED stage, Perform structural design to analyze the total cost as per designs.
  3. Help the costing and estimation department for various sizes of structures.
  4. Assist Quantity surveyor in the preparation of tender and specifications.
  5. Analyse the structure in various structural design software’s.

Softwares used in the Role of Structural Engineer

Here listed below are some softwares used by civil structural engineers all around the globe as part of their job description.

  1. Etabs – Building Design
  2. SACS & SESAM – Vessel, FPSO and other offshore related structures.
  3. Staad Pro – All regular buildings, power Plant structures, On shore structures and water and sewage treatment plants can be done in Staad pro.
  4. ANSYS – For Finite element analysis of critical structures like Turbine pedestal etc.
civil engineering softwares
civil engineering softwares

Role of Structural Engineer in any Project

In any Construction project the job of structural engineer is very critical. The whole framing arrangement, position of beams and columns, footing and foundation sizes are decided by the structural engineer. He is responsible for the structural safety of the structure

Structural Engineer and Architect are very different

Structural Engineer VS Architect

Duties of structural engineer

  1. Ensure all the loads Dead Loads, Live Loads, Wind loads, earthquake loads and snow Loads. coming on structure are considered.,
  2. Also, loads from Mechanical Equipment, Piping loads,Electrical loads shall be discussed with concerned department and subsequently shall be considered at correct locations.
  3. The wind and Seismic loads shall be considered as per the history of wind and seismic with respect to the seismic zones and Wind pressures in that particular area of construction.
  4. For all infrastructure projects detailed area survey for the dams, Roads and Bridges shall be carried out and design shall be started only after finalising the alignment.
  5. Various codes as mentioned below shall be followed
  • American codes such as AISC, ACI and ASTM
  • DNV and PIP codes for onshore and offshore structures
  • Moreover, there are various Indian, Canadian, Euro, Japanese and chinese codes.
  • International building shall be followed for basic understanding.
Career Graph

Firstly, any structural engineer starts his position immediately after college as Trainee structural engineer and then after working as Junior Engineer . Secondly, Hierarchy is beginning from low to high grades are as below but varies as per companies norms.

  1. Senior structural engineer
  2. Principal Engineer
  3. Senior Principal Engineer
  4. Lead Engineer  
  5. Engineering Manger
  6. Technical Head

Check this for structural Engineer job description of new intern.

Guidance for a newly joined structural engineer

List of Structures where Role of structural Engineer is critical.

  1. High Rise buildings
  2. Dams
  3. Bridges
  4. Roads
  5. Flyovers
  6. Metros
  7. Tunnels
  8. Industrial structures
  9. Oil and Gas Plants
  10. Treatment Plants

Peak of Structural Engineer Career

One can attain a status of Chartered Engineer which is considered as a Elite status for a structural Engineer. This position has huge respect as one can become a chartered engineer only after gaining good amount of Technical knowledge.Check here for some understanding of

Civil Engineering basics and

Structural Engineering basics

Prerequisites to become a good and successful structural Engineer
  1. Good analytical ability
  2. Quick Understanding of structural behavior.
  3. Good Decision Making skills
  4. Updated Technical Knowledge
  5. Thorough understanding of Engineering codes and Respective countries codal provisions and Good  engineering and Industry practices.

Finally, there are lot of good engineering companies all around the world,we shall name a few here

  1. Linde Engineering
  2. Fluor corporation
  3. Jacobs
  4. Amec Foster wheeler
  5. Atkins Group
  6. Worley

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