staad pro short cut keys

Staad pro Short Cut Keys

Here are List of Staad pro short cut keys which are very regularly used. These are the most basic short cut keys which are very useful to create a model quickly.

List of top 10 Staad pro Short cut keys

  • Shift K – Highlight Nodes
  • Shift N – Node Numbers
  • Shift B – Beam Numbers
  • Shift R – Releases
  • Shift E – Beam Start and end point (not covered in video)
  • Shift S – Supports 
  • Shift O – Orientation of Beam
  • Shift X – Highlight properties 
  • Ctrl C – Copy 
  • Ctrl V – Paste

Short cut keys for Plates (Not covered in video)

  • Shift P- Plate numbers 
  • Shift T – Plate orientation 
  • Shift V – Load values 
  • Shift M – Materials 

Sample Video for some of the above functions

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