staad pro short cut keys

Staad pro Short Cut Keys

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Here are List of Staad pro short cut keys which are very regularly used. These are the most basic short cut keys which are very useful to create a model quickly.

List of top 10 Staad pro Short cut keys

  • Shift K – Highlight Nodes
  • Shift N – Node Numbers
  • Shift B – Beam Numbers
  • Shift R – Releases
  • Shift E – Beam Start and end point (not covered in video)
  • Shift S – Supports 
  • Shift O – Orientation of Beam
  • Shift X – Highlight properties 
  • Ctrl C – Copy 
  • Ctrl V – Paste

Short cut keys for Plates (Not covered in video)

  • Shift P- Plate numbers 
  • Shift T – Plate orientation 
  • Shift V – Load values 
  • Shift M – Materials 

Sample Video for some of the above functions

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Worth Sharing !