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Introduction to Staad Pro training online

In this Staad Pro Training online we shall discuss about the basic model creation and analysis in staad. This is useful for everyone who is interested to learn staad pro. Staad Pro is structural design and analysis Software widely used all over the world by civil structural engineers. Here we will highlight and explain all the important functions regularly used in staad Pro. Anyone can easily create and analyse a model after this training.

Basic Knowledge of structural engineering is desired as below and are also asked in Civil engineering interviews.

  • Basic bending behavior of the structure.
  • Orientation of beams and columns.
  • Codal provisions of respective countries etc. to interpret the results in a correct way. Here we shall be dealing with Indian Code.

Advantages of Staad Pro Software

  • One can design footings (Staad foundation), slabs (modelling plates), beams, columns and walls in staad pro.
  • Its very user friendly.
  • In staad editor syntax can be written quickly.
  • Detailed results are obtained for beams and columns
  • Rendered view of the structure is available for better visualization.

What are types of structures that can be designed ?

Various structures that can be designed are Buildings, Tanks, Composite structures, tower structures, sheds, trusses, Galleries, pump houses etc. With Staad we can design almost all the structures pertaining to power plants, Water and sewage treatment plants, industrial structures .

Staad pro Interface

  • This window below is the first that opens when you double click the staad icon.
Staad setup window
Set up window and to open recent files

As you can easily find the left boxed section is Project tasks where we can create a “NEW PROJECT” or open a existing file i.e “OPEN PROJECT” and rest are related to Licenses and configuration for various codes of respective countries and licenses.

In Recent files boxed window are recently worked staad files for various structures. Here you can see some working files of OHTs.

Creating a New File

New Staad File Information
New Staad File Information

In the above window we need to define whether what we are modelling is space model ( i.e modelling in 3 dimensions) or plane model (only can work in 2 planes) Though we can work in 3 dimensions in Plane model, there might be some warnings.

Following parameters shall be selected in above window

  1. Space or Plane frame
  2. Name of the Project or File name of your choice i.e Name of structure, practice file etc
  3. Location where backup files of main staad file are stored.
  4. Units corresponding to respective country for LENGTH and FORCE.

Once you click next the following window opens

Starting to create model

In the above select the choice corresponding to our requirement

For ex – For Buildings select the box next to beam and for modelling wall

select box next to plate and so forth and click FINISH for this window

Staad Interface window
Staad Interface Window

We create models in the above window and the grid Pattern on the screen is in X and Y direction for total of 10 units in each direction.

1 unit can be cm, m or ft depending on the units of length that we selected earlier during the startup window.

Creating Frame by creating Nodes and Beams

Staad interface

How to create nodes and beams

Adding nodes and beams in staad pro

How to Assign supports

Assigning supports in staad

How to assign Properties to members

Assign properties in staad

How to assign Loads

How to Add Load combinations

Add load combinations in staad
How to add perform analysis command

Complete Model and Analysis of simple Frame in Staad

Simple Frame Analysis

Hope the above Staad pro training videos and theory was useful and i shall keep updating more for the benefit of all civil engineers.

Finally here is the one for Staad short cut keys and Design of Simply supported beam in staad

Worth Sharing !