Tips to stay safe when travelling by taxi

Tips to Stay Safe When travelling by Taxi

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Here, Lets see some important and simple tips to help us stay safe when travelling by taxi or cab.

Tips to stay safe when taking a Taxi

  1. Always take a cab or taxi preferably from registered apps using smart phones.
  2. Try to remember the Taxi number before getting into the cab.
  3. Immediately share the ride details with your family/friends and also if its night time or unknown location tell your family/ friends to track the ride.

Safety Tip Using Google Map

In addition to the above google has come up with new update in google map App . In google map Google has introduced a new option “Stay Safer

Lets see how to see and ensure the same option turned on. This options helps to know when the cab or taxi is not going in the direction shown in the map .

Here are the step to identify the same in map

Step 1 – Ensure your data services and Location is turned on in smart phone

Step 2 – Open Google Maps and enter the destination in search here and click on Directions at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 – In next screen you can see 3rd option at bottom as Stay Safer

Step 4 – Click on Stay Safer and Select both options Share live Trip and also Get Off-route alerts

In this way we can find if the taxi is not going in the regular route.

This ensures safe travelling . Hope this is useful.

Worth Sharing !