Top 5 places to visit in hyderabad


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Here are the Top 5 places to visit in Hyderabad and infact these top 10 must see places should not be missed out. These are the places Hyderabad is known for.

List of Top 5 places to visit in Hyderabad

  1. Ramoji Film City
  2. Charminar
  3. Snow World
  4. Golkonda Fort
  5. Chilkur Balaji Temple

RAMOJI FILM CITY – First in Top 5 places to visit in hyderabad

As everyone knows Ramoji film city established in 1996 takes first place in tourist destination. This is he biggest film city in the world as per the Guinness Records. The owner is Shri Ramoji Rao, who is a film maker.  This place is on average 1 hr 10 min drive from Airport and Railway station. There are not many hotels nearby so please plan for accommodation before visiting this place. Hotels inside film city are a bit costly.

Everyday film shoots of  many serials, reality shows and movies of all languages happen here. One need one full day to look at every corner of film city. There are guides everywhere who assist visitors, here basically there are three different routes/locations/spots inside film city .

Disclaimer :-  Though very very exciting and interesting, it is very tiring by the end of the day. So, when on visit to Hyderabad,better to visit this place with full energy first and rest later as this takes complete energy.

Carry water

Don’t miss the following inside the Film city

1.Temple :- This temple is for all the gods and the temple sanctum remains the same. God idol is replaced for shootings.

2. Borasura and Childrens play area : – Some of rides such as Merry go round and few other rides are complimentary. Childrens play area is right at the entrance and near bus stops. Better not enter the area in the morning ,because you may end up there till afternoon and miss many interesting shooting spots.

3. Scary house : – One the best scary houses, it really gives goose bumps.

4.  Railway station : – Almost used in all the movies for railway station scenes in recent times.

5. Bird Park : – Many Many Many Interesting Birds and at last don’t miss the emu and ostrich.

6. Black and white theme movie star Hotel : – This is at the entrance where you get good food, a bit costly but worth trying once. I think per plate cost is around Rs 500 /- + taxes. Prices do change. This is to get approx idea for spending.

7. Closing Parade : – This parade is just when film city can be seen in lights. When this starts the buses wont ply for exit till half an hour. Huge gathering happens to see clowns, dolls, cartoon characters etc.,

8. Garden :- Mysore brindavan garden and Mughal Garden gardens in one enclosure. Best photoshoot spot for all youtubers and now tik tok users.

9. Baahubali Film Set : – The Actual Baahubali film set is retained for visitors.

Devasena jailed spot
Devasena jailed spot

There are many more interesting movie locations like  Foreign location, Village location, Jail, Japanese garden, Hawa mahal, Movie Magic, wild wild west etc.,

How a movie is made is shown in movie magic. So dont miss it .

The entry fee and other details as per the packages can be found here. Basic Daily tour cost around Rs 1200 /- per person. Not much difference for the child which is around 1100 /- .


Charminar as name suggests is the oldest historic monument in hyderabad constructed in 15th century by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah and this structure is right in the middle of road junction and nearby is all shopping areas like chudi bazaar, laad bazaar etc., From the top of it we get a good view of the city. Mecca Masjid is next to it which is one of the biggest and oldest mosque in the city. This area is also known as old city.  The entry fee for access to top is very nominal may be Rs 10 /- for locals and around Rs 100 /- for foreigners.


Snow World

This is just one large enclosure with controlled temperature of (minus) -5 to -10 degrees . There is one sliding ride inside and go round ride. A small tea shop is there to serve hot beverages just to have a feel of having something hot in such a cold climate. Music is played for 10 mins in dancing arena.

Volley ball and basket balls to play.  Artifical snow fall happens for 10 min. The maximum duration is close to 1 hr. Most of the visitors with kids or elders move out in half an hour due to sudden change from hot to cold climate.

Jackets, gum boots and gloves are provided before getting inside, sufficient time is given for each batch of around 300 to get ready and get accustomed to change of climate. Real Fun for those who never experienced snow. One time experience and is worth trying.

We can carry our own phone or camera by paying some charges or we can choose to deposit our phones and cameras at the deposit counter and they provide us with receipt.  During waiting time outside one can enjoy some archery, net cricket, balloon shooting and some games within the campus.

There is sufficient open parking outside the campus and the entry Fee is approx Rs 500 /- + taxes and Rs 300 /- + taxes for kids during peak hours and weekends.

snow world

Golconda Fort

This fort is built by Kakatiyas. One very interesting thing here is we can experience how the kings call their soldiers by mere clapping their hands. We can try this here and it is interesting how acoustic this place is. Golconda fort is known for trading of Diamonds. Some of the worlds best diamonds are once stored here in this fort built by kakatiya rulers. There is also a jail here which is known to prison Bhakta Ramdas on charges of utilizing kingdoms income for construction of Temple.

Better to visit the place in the evening as there is this sound and light show which explains the history of Golconda fort. The sound and light show is very realistic and also in various languages like English, Hindi and Telugu. This tourist place is very old and very well maintained by the government of Telangana. Entry fee is approx 100 /- for locals and 200/- for foreign nationals.

golconda fort
golconda fort

Chilukuru Balaji Temple

Many must be wondering how suddenly temple came into picture ?? 

Because other local slang name for this Balaji God is “VISA GOD”.

Here Balaji idol is self incarnation of Tirupati Lord Balaji . No special pooja is done in this temple. No special offerings are made in this temple.

The main ritual here is by devotees who shall make 11 rounds around the main sanctum and make a wish. One has to make 111 rounds around sanctum after the wish gets fulfilled. Whenever you go, hundreds of devotees are seen making rounds around the sanctum sanctorium.

Most of the wishes here are for sanction of visa. Most of the devotees of Balaji who apply for visa, come here and wish for the approval of their visa and almost, all the wishes are fulfilled and so this temple which is just outside the city limits is very famous for. This temple is approximately 40 min drive from airport and 1 hr drive from major railway stations in hyderabad.

chilukuru balaji temple
chilukuru balaji temple

Some more interesting places to visit in hyderabad in addtion to top 5 places

Birla Science Museum : – This is very old science museum in Hyderabad and one can learn many science basics and understand the concepts very easily, in addition Some of the best here are current, acoustics, wave motion, light etc..and also Antics, during the kings dynasties and excavated items by archaeology department are kept for viewing.

Dinosaurium :- The fossils of Dinosaur are collected and arranged to have a feel of the real size of dinosaurs.

Birla Temple : A Balaji temple made of original Marble. This temple is visible from hussainsagar and tank bund road. The temple is very beautiful and good for taking pictures and one can get a nice view of the city of Hdyerabad. The idol here is similar to one in Tirupati Balaji temple.

Boat ride in Hussain sagar lake : One can enjoy a boat ride in the evening in the hussainsagar lake and the access is from Lumbini park which leads to statue of lord Buddha,which is right in the middle of the lake and another good spot for photoshoot.

Walk around Hussainsagar lake : – A foot path just to walk and hang around the hussainsagar lake and take pictures.

Other nearby locations to visit if time permits are
  1. NTR gardens
  2. Imax Large screen
  3. Paradise hotel which is famous for its Biryani and also Ramkibandi in koti area – This place is a food joint knows to serve snacks like idli dosa etc., from wee hours till morning.
  4. Dont miss General Bazaar in secunderabad, which is known for street shopping for dresses, toys, crafts fancy items etc.
  5. Jal vihar water park right on necklace Road .
  6. Chudi bazaar near Charminar for original pearls and marriage related shopping. Good for ladies related stuff like chains, bangles, pendants, necklaces etc.   
  7. Shilparamam near hitech city – For all local Hand made handicrafts

Dont miss buying pearls in this “City of pearls” Hyderabad. Dont miss the Hyderabad biryani and one should try haleem if visiting city during ramzan time, So, Have a wonderful and memorable time in Hyderabad.

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