Unbelievable Temple Ritual

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Shri Kal Bhairav Temple

On my recent visit to Ujjain city, where more than 25 temples are located in the radius of  5 km. One amazing and truly interesting temple is of shri Kal Bhairav. The deity here is considered as the guardian or protector of Ujjain city. The world famous Kumbh mela UJJAIN SIMHASTHA also happens in this Ujjain city.


The temple is 7km distance from Ujjain railway station. Nearest airport is in Indore (Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport) which is 69 km from the temple.The temple is located in Bhairavgarh area in Ujjain.

Can u believe that…….

Liquor is offered to the main deity SHRI KAL BHAIRAV along with coconut, flowers and incense sticks.People bring the thali and the priest puts liquor in a plate and brings close to the mouth of deity and the plate empties out. The remaining liquor is given back to devotees as prasad.It is still a mystery as how this liquor offering ritual started but it is a fact.

Other Famous temples in Ujjain

Shree Mahakaleshwar mandir.

This temple is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas . The Linga form of shiva is worshipped here and Bhasm(Ash) aarti is performed here at dawn time. One of the most powerful abode of lord shiva is what people believe. The locals call the deity as Mahakal, the god of time. The Ujjain city and Mahakal temple also having geographical importance as it is said that this temple is centre point of India for calculation of time.

Harasiddhi Mata

This is also one of the ancient shakti peeta (power zone).This temple was built by Kingvikramaditya who is ardent worshipper of deity. Also, the great kalidasa transformed here asa poet with the blessing of Hara siddhi matha. Some also believe Hara siddhimata is Ujjain Mahakali.

Worth Sharing !